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Why should I translate my app?

So, you’ve developed a great app and now you’re asking yourself if it’s worth it to translate your app?

Translating your app makes it accessible to thousands if not millions of more users around the world.

According to a paper published by Distimo (a company with a free app store analytics tool) called The Impact of App Translations, downloads increased by 128 percent for the period of one week after uploading a translated iPhone app. Revenues also increased by approximately 26 percent.

Once you decide to translate your app, you want to figure out what languages to translate the app into.

The paper mentioned above also stated that the apps translated into Japanese and Chinese saw the largest increase in downloads.

China is the biggest market after the U.S. for downloaded apps, so a Chinese version of your app would be a nice place to start. From our experience, so is Japanese, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

Now, the next question you need to deal with is how to go about translating the content.

Using a tool like Google Translate may be tempting, but the translations produced by this tool are no match for translations done by competent translators.

LingoTip can help you with this important step in becoming worldwide-accessible at a very reasonable price.

If you’ve developed an app and now want to increase your potential customer base, contact us at: info [at] lingotip [dot] com or the form to your right.


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