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Book Translation

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The challenge of translating books

Translation is a difficult and complex field in general; however, when it comes to translating books, the fear of something being "lost in translation" is paramount. Properly conveying the author’s tone, be it humorous or sarcastic, or carrying figures of speech from one language to another is of the utmost importance in order to stay true to the author's vision.

We at LingoTip provide an excellent system through which authors have the ability to hand-pick a translator and assure that their standards are met and their story is properly conveyed; even in another language.

The book translating process has already been successful with numerous publications and is sure to provide every author with an excellent translation.

How it works

To assure the satisfaction of the author, LingoTip provides the author with a list of ten translators, their requested fee and their “turnaround”. Each translator translates an excerpt from the book and these are sent to the author as translation samples. The author then chooses a translator from the provided list according to the author’s specifications. If the author requires further samples from additional translators, more examples can be provided. LingoTip guarantees optimal translator selection and, once a translator has been selected, ensures direct contact between translator and author.

By working with LingoTip authors can go to one source and choose from multiple translators, saving them from having to search for individual translators while giving them a variety of options.

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