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Press Release Translation

Expand your reach to foreign markets

As an all-inclusive translation company, LingoTip’s services include the translation of press releases. Since press releases are often time sensitive, our translators are ready and available to translate your press releases around the clock. LingoTip’s translators work to ensure that the meaning and message of the original press release is accurately conveyed in the target translated language.

Translating your press releases is an easy way to get your message across the globe and increase your global reach. LingoTip enables you to do this quickly and at a very affordable price.

All translated press releases are reviewed by a second translator to ensure that the translation is as accurate as possible. Our press release translators have experience in translating this type of material and will help to get your message across to foreign markets.

When we receive your press release for translation, we will send you a proposal that includes the price and how quickly the translation will be completed. You simply sign the proposal, and the translation will be immediately sent to one of our professional translators. We will send you the completed translation for review.

Our customers are our priority.

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