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Legal Translation

Professional legal document translation services

Legal translation challenge

Unlike other translation services, legal translations deal with the translation of legally binding contracts. The translated document must convey the exact meaning of the source document using the accurate legal language of the target translated language.

Beyond the required attention to details that is required for any other translation jobs, with LingoTip translations, the legal material is fully understood by the translator, including what is being argued by each side, in order to avoid misinterpretation of the original document. We use a law dictionary to ensure perfect interpretation of the text with consistent terminology, and work closely with the customer.

Our offering includes:

We can receive and send the translated materials securely and ensure non disclosure if required.

Once we receive your material for translation we issue a formal proposal that includes a timeline and the final price. Once signed, the work is submitted for translation. Upon completion of the translation job, proofreading and editing, the legal translation work is sent to the customer for review. If needed, modifications and corrections are made to maximize customer satisfaction.

Please note that we can provide a declaration that the translation is true to the original.

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