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Website Translation

Website translation and localization services

Website localization challenge

Website translation is one of the fastest growing segments in the translation business. Today every business has a global presence, which makes website localization one of the most important aspects of the business.

Website localization must capture the original marketing message in the relevant language locale. When website visitors view the content in their mother tongue language they tend to stay longer on the site and are more likely to purchase and make contact. On the other hand, visitors are not likely to stay on foreign language websites, which lowers the conversion rates.

In addition, the localized content should be optimized for search engines. If you want Google to find you, then you must translate keywords as they are being searched for by native speakers of the translated language, which is beyond the scope of standard professional translation services.

Lastly, website translators should be able to handle your website format and ensure that the page translated visually matches the original. For this purpose, we support PO/POT, PHP, Windows Help, JSON, XML and other formats.

We pay attention to these details when we translate your website, whether it’s a corporate site, shopping site, marketing site, portal, information site, portfolio site, and so on.

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