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Media Transcription

Audio and video transcription and translation services

Expanding you media's global reach

We offer services for both individuals and organizations who have created video presentations and would like to make them available with subtitles in the original language (Closed Caption) or in a translated language. We generate the transcription for you, translate the transcription, and provide a format for easy subtitle implementation.

Why are subtitles important?

  • Accessibility for the hearing impaired
  • Making a single video available globally
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) for videos in multiple languages
  • Ability to emphasize messages in the video

Transcription requires expertise in audio quality enhancements, handling low quality or multiple participants’ discussions, and accountability to ensure the transcription's accuracy.

When a foreign language transcription is required then the transcriber must be fluent or native in that language.

LingoTip provides both transcription services as well as translated subtitles, and we can provide a declaration that the transcription is true to the original.

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