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English from / to Hebrew Glossaries

This is a compilation of English from / to Hebrew glossaries that you may find useful. You are welcome to send us any additions or suggestions.


The Academy of the Hebrew Language – You can search the Academy’s dozens of glossaries in either English or Hebrew. Enter the term that you want to search for and then click the search button.

You can also search for terms using the site's glossaries on dozens of subjects. But, you have to look through the drop-down list to select one that is relevant to your search. The list of subjects and the buttons are in Hebrew. You can then select if you want to see an English list or a Hebrew list.

Morfix – An extensive Hebrew to English and English to Hebrew dictionary that also includes phrases.


Business and economics - Maot's various English to Hebrew and Hebrew to English glossaries all dealing with business, including human resources, taxation, statistics, marketing, and so on. The categories are listed in Hebrew.

Business and economics – Various business and economic terms presented in English to Hebrew and Hebrew to English. All of the explanations are given in Hebrew.


Periodic table - The period table in Hebrew and English.

Plants – An extensive list of wildflowers in both Hebrew and English.


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