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LingoTip Translation Services

General document translations

Our translators possess mother-tongue-level language skills and are proficient in the subject matter.

Technical document translations

We provide translations of manuals, user guides, white papers, and much more. Our translators have the necessary technical knowledge and familiarity with the subject matter, and maintain consistency of technical terms.

Software localization

Our unique engineering experience enables us to adapt to any source language format used by our customers, including software and mobile applications.

Website localization

We localize all web programming formats, including PHP, ASP, JS, XML, and more. We also possess unique capabilities to help you localize your content on 3rd party websites, such as Facebook, MySpace, and Blogs.

Business document translations

Our network of translators includes experts in financial and business translations, such as financial reports, press releases, case studies, company profiles, business plans, marketing material, and much more.

Legal document translations

We translate a range of legal documents, including contracts, agreements, intellectual property documents, and more.

Literary translations

We offer prose translations that conform to the author’s original style.

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