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Medical Translation

Professional medical document translation services

Medical translation challenge

Medical translations require a specialty in the translation of documents with highly specialized medical terms. In addition, the translated document must maintain the exact meaning of the source document using the accurate medical terminology of the target translated language.

Translating medical documents is very important to non-native speakers and LingoTip understands the importance of accurately medical documents, which is paramount to the lives of the people accessing these documents.

LingoTip medical translators have a full understanding of the medical material, including the appropriate medical terminology. We use a medical dictionary to ensure the correct usage of all of the terms and work closely with the customer.

Our offering includes:

If required, our translators can sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure confidentiality.

You can send us the document for translation, we will send you a proposal, which includes the price and the date that the translation will be completed. Immediately after receiving your signature on the proposal, your materials will be sent to one of our medical translators and the workflow begins.

When the translation is completed, you will receive the translation for review. If necessary, corrections will be made to ensure your satisfaction with the translation.

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