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Translation Project Collaborations

Creating synergic relations with companies to reach globally

Collaborating with other companies

Whether it's through our Translation API or by just providing services, we can help companies expand their global reach. Here are some collaboration examples:

User Generated Content (UGC) publishers can use our human-translation platform to dynamically and efficiently republish popular UGC in other languages to increase revenue.

LingoTip's platform is compatible with leading eCommerce sites and listing companies, enabling sellers to publish listings in multiple languages and attract new customers.

We partner with significant web development companies allowing them to provide fully translated websites to their customers.

We have created plugins and extensions to social media platforms, allowing customers to translate Facebook pages, translate their Wordpress sites, embed subtitles in videos and much more.

Large networks, such as global hotel networks, who need their content translated, work closely with us on optimizing and entering their global content to enhance their worldwide presence and attract more customers.

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