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User Guide Translations

Translate the User Guide of your products

When someone purchases a new product they want the user guide to be available in their own language. This means manufacturers frequently want to translate their user guides into multiple languages. However, a simple translation is often not enough. Many times, measurements need to be localized for each country. So, if in one country, measurements are done in inches and feet, for another country this will have to be converted into centimeters and meters.

The style of writing is also important when writing the source content. There are certain things to keep in mind to make the source text easier for translation. For example, it is better to use active tense and not passive tense, and it is important to avoid ambiguity.

When you are ready to translate your user guide, contact LingoTip and we will be more than happy to send you a proposal for your translation project.

Common translation pairs where companies translate their User guides:

  • English to French translations and French to English translations
  • English to Italian translations and Italian to English translations
  • English to German translations and German to English translations
  • English to Spanish translations and Spanish to English translations
  • English to Chinese translations and Chinese to English translations
  • English to Japanese translations and Japanese to English translations
  • English to Russian translations and Russian to English translations
  • English to Arabic translations and Arabic to English translations
  • English to Hebrew translations and Hebrew to English translations

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