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Quality Control

Tools for maximizing translation quality and accuracy

LingoTip employs special Quality Assurance (QA) mechanisms, which include testing and auditing the translators.

Active translators on our site go through a review process before they are authorized to translate. They are required to take a translation test, which is checked and rated by our language coordinator for that specific language pair.

If you selected to have a second translator review the translation, the translation will be reviewed by our language coordinators for accuracy, punctuation, spelling, omissions as well as grammar. Even if you have not chosen this extra service, the language coordinator is also responsible for performing periodic reviews of the translations. Each proofreading session updates the translator's rating and filters out the bad translators.

Using the second translator review is recommended for translations that will be used in a professional matter. It’s always best to have another set of professional eyes review the work.

We are committed to quality assurance. We make sure your translations are provided by qualified human translators only.

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