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Marketing translation

Expand your reach to foreign markets

LingoTip’s professional translators are available to translate your marketing materials 24/7. Our translators work to ensure that the meaning of the source document, including local idioms and phrases, is accurately conveyed in the target translated language. Getting the translation right is crucial to the successful branding of your products in other countries.

Translating marketing collateral enables you to effectively share your marketing message with people around the globe. Translating marketing materials into a second language is an easy way to double your company’s presence. The use of translations to grow your business is almost limitless.

Marketing translations require that the translator specialize in the culture of the country, including proper use of idioms and slangs. LingoTip marketing translators are experienced in translating this type of material.

Just send us your marketing materials for a free, no obligation proposal for your translation needs. If our proposal is what you’re looking for in terms of price and time of delivery, simply sign the proposal and one of our marketing translators will immediately start working on your translation. Once you review the translation, your marketing message is ready for the world.

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