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Translation Articles

History, technology, innovation, tools, and trends of translations

Here we’ll post articles related to the translation industry.

As content exists on any subject, and is being discussed in all languages, it means that there is virtually nothing out there that is not somehow connected to translations.

Translation is an occupation that started when languages were formed, and is continuously evolving, especially in recent years. So there is a lot to talk about when talking about the history and progress of translations.

In addition, the technologies, tools and innovations surrounding the translation segment are fascinating, so there is plenty of interesting things to discuss in that area as well.

It was always true that knowledge is power that could generate money, but in recent years content (which is a type of knowledge) is very possibly becoming one of the most critical aspects in becoming visible on the Internet. Individuals and companies invest huge amounts in creating content for the purpose of getting noticed – and here, again, translation is becoming key for getting globally noticed.

Translation is closely connected to editing, proofreading, DTP, transcription, etc. so related articles may also be posted here.

We hope to be able to share valuable and interesting articles.

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