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iPhone Apps Translation

Localizing your iPhone/iPad/iPod application - It’s as easy as can be!

When you develop your application, and market it to a global audience, you will probably follow Apple's iPhone internationalization steps . At a certain point you will encounter a file named "Localizable.strings". This is a string format file that you'll need to place in each locale, such as de.lproj and es.lproj.

Whether you're only looking to localize your GUI or localize your pathnames, your release notes, or any of your other resources, we can do it all for you. Just follow the link below and upload your strings files. You will get a free quote in no time. You might be a first-timer to all this, but we're quite experienced in the iPhone localization process. Our experience will help you simplify the localization process.

We support various localization formats, and can help you deal with RTL and LTR issues. It's also important to note that the length of strings may vary significantly from language to language. This could affect the look of the translated application, reducing the quality of your app’s look and feel. We can assist you in this area as well.

You can also use the form on the right to directly post your translation request.

Quality is our number one concern in the professional translation scene and with the quality of the Localizable.strings file format

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