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eBay Translation

Translate your eBay listing to reach cross border sales

eBay sellers are competing with other sellers from all over the world. Listing an item successfully with good “listing efficiency” (i.e. generating high number of bids and sales) is becoming more and more and more challenging. Telling a good story in the “item description” section is critical for a successful listing. If your story is not told in the buyers’ native language then others’ story will. Sellers cannot afford not to translate the item description.

We can provide you with translation services for your "item description", and we can also provide you the opportunity to integrate your "item description" in multiple languages allowing buyers from various locales to clearly understand your story.

After you have created the multilingual item description, paste the generated embedded code inside the eBay product description HTML section.

At this point your multilingual eBay widget is created, and the source language is visible on your eBay page. Click to see an example of translated item description.

Please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll send you a detailed proposal to meet your translation needs.

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