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Magento Localization

Translate your Magento store and expand your geographical reach

Magento is the leading open source eCommerce platform. Magento was recently acquired by eBay, and is in fact an eco system that involves hundreds of thousands of merchants, solution partners, and third party developers that keep expanding on its functionality. Using Magento, sellers can create, in a variety of languages, any size store that includes every online sales aspect.

Magento is also very flexible with its ability to support high graphic design requirements, in a simple and easy manner. If you sell or want to sell online and haven’t yet heard about this phenomenon, we recommend that you look into it.

It is clear that shoppers prefer to shop in their native language. But with dynamic, ever-changing product listings, translating your content could be a headache. We continuously work to simplify it for you. We have developed an extension to Magento that enables online store administrators to translate their store content very easily. We can also assist you in localizing your Magento store without using this extension.

Your listing could be reaching more customers who are more comfortable shopping in their native language. And if you already translate eCommerce listings, you know that machine translation is not adequate for your important content, and managing high-quality human translation of dynamic and changing content yourself is time-consuming and expensive.

LingoTip's robust and time-tested technology platform and processes provides fast and quality content, in the languages your readers and customers want, and in the format you've worked so hard to develop. Our fully-automated human-translation platform takes the cost and hassle out of the translation process and can scale to any volume. We even offer an API that can automatically republish translated content directly to your listing with no re-uploading.

Need proof that LingoTip works? In one test, we found that identical products simultaneously sold on eBay France sold for higher prices when translated from English into French in LingoTip-enabled listings. In another test on eBay Germany, the same product sold twice as many units, for an average price of over 30% higher, when translated from English into German by LingoTip.

If you're interested in reaching new customers or making translation more cost-effective and efficient, we recommend that you evaluate LingoTip translation services with no obligation on your part.

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