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Apps translation

Translate your Apps and reach globally

You’ve spent lots of time and money and developing a great app. To quickly increase your return on investment, you can translate the app into many languages. It’s a great way to gain new users in foreign countries. If you want to do away with the language barrier, then have your app translated. The more languages you offer, the greater your chances of reaching a large audience. This is true no matter what platform you developed your app for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch), Android, and/or BlackBerry.

Translating your app is not a matter of just knowing the language, but tailoring the app to the culture of your potential users. A LingoTip translator familiar with your users’ lingo will quickly and accurately translate your app, so you can start marketing your new app to new customers.

Our experience will help you simplify the localization process, because we support various localization formats, and can help you deal with RTL and LTR issues.

We can translate any source language format, including software and mobile applications.

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